How can i remove a tattoo?

How can i remove a tattoo?

There are several ways to remove a tattoo, but laser treatment is usually preferred in almost all cases. In this article we discuss all the different methods to remove a tattoo.


Remove a tattoo with surgery

Small tattoos (max. 2 cm) can be removed in approx. 1-2 operation(s). A surgeon gives you a local anesthetic, cuts away a piece of skin and then stitches it up. Healing takes about 3-6 weeks. The advantage over laser treatment is that you can quickly get rid of your tattoo with an operation, but a disadvantage is that you will be left with a scar after an operation.


Remove a tattoo with laser treatment

The laser treatment is by far the most chosen method to remove a tattoo. Compared to surgery, it takes longer for the tattoo to be completely gone, but laser treatment usually does not leave a scar. During the laser treatment, a beam of light is directed at the tattoo. The light is absorbed by the ink of the tattoo, causing the ink to break up into small particles, as it were. The body then disposes of these as waste products. There are several laser techniques to remove tattoos, the most commonly used are nanosecond lasers and picosecond lasers.


Does it hurt?

If you choose for an operation, the area around the tattoo will be (locally) anesthetized. You will not feel anything during the operation itself. You may experience some pain during recovery, but this is usually not too bad.

If you choose for a laser treatment, removing the tattoo is often less painful than getting a tattoo. Skin cooling is often used in this treatment, which makes you feel less.